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Descubra o seu dosha vata pitta e kapha

The Doshas

Vata, Pitta or Kapha

Discover your Dosha

This questionnaire is the first step to create this lifestyle. By gathering information about your mind, body, and spirit, we will provide an analysis of your specific Dosha blend to help you create a roadmap for healthier habits as you take control of your well-being.


In Sanskrit it means "nature, origin". It is your essential nature and unique combination of earth elements or dosha, determined at birth, and which is influenced by the genetics of the parents as well as the eating and other habits of the mother during gestation. Your Prakriti is your primary nature and does not change.


In Sanskrit it means "alteration of body, mind and consciousness". It is the current state of the person, which undergoes external influences and is influenced by current living conditions and experiences, also including, for example, climate, food and lifestyle. It translates as "after creation" and reflects the combination of earth elements in your mind and body at present. It manifests our current imbalances.

It can undergo changes that can take years, or just days or hours. These imbalances in the elements can lead to disease. Your Vikruiti is variable and changes based on the lifestyle choices you have made in the last 60-90 days.