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Really Good Organic Muscle & Joint Oil

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Cold pressed and freshly made organic and natural oils

A potent plant oil blend with a warming combination of herbs rich in nutrients, derived from the traditional Ayurvedic Mahanarayan blend. a relaxing concoction of oils and herbs that will ease your aching muscles and joints while stimulating your blood flow.

Really Good Oil Muscle & Joints is a natural remedy for sore muscles and stiff joints, expertly crafted by combining cold-pressed oils with freshly ground herbs in the traditional Ayurvedic manner. An effective treatment oil was developed after three months of infusing various plant parts (including roots, seeds, rhizomes, bark minerals, and flowers) in a calming blend of oils to extract their natural phytochemicals and therapeutic characteristics.

Mahanarayan, a powerful combination herb, has been added for extra effect. As a result of its warming and stimulating properties, it is useful for relieving muscle pain and stiffness. Relieves aching muscles and arthritic joints.

Ayurvedic practise recommends self-Abhyanga (massage) performed with kindness and patience. Relieve pain and swelling by giving your knees, hips, elbows, neck, and shoulders a good, exhausting massage. Excellent as a bath oil, particularly when combined with a salt soak.

Size: 100 mL