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Ayurvedic Teas

Best quality ayurvedic and herbal teas for every state of mind. Made with all-natural, organic ingredients that aid in detoxification, energization, and relaxation.

Start a new wellness and health ritual today with our teas inspired by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.

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Chá Ayurvédico Orgânico Energise | Arogya ShopChá Ayurvédico Orgânico Energise | Arogya Shop
Sold outChá Ayurvédico Orgânico Purify | Arogya ShopChá Ayurvédico Orgânico Purify | Arogya Shop
Sold outRelax Organic Ayurvedic TeaRelax Organic Ayurvedic Tea
Sold outRelax Organic Ayurvedic Tea in Eco-Friendly Paper BagChá Ayurvédico Orgânico Relax | Arogya Shop
NovoOrganic Green Tea Salute The SunOrganic Green Tea Salute The Sun
NovoOrganic Hibiscus Tea Red JungleOrganic Hibiscus Tea Red Jungle
NovoOrganic Turmeric Tea Magic MonkOrganic Turmeric Tea Magic Monk
NovoOrganic Black Tea MoonshotOrganic Black Tea Moonshot
NovoOrganic Chai Tea Bodhi’s BreakOrganic Chai Tea Bodhi’s Break