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Natural Mint Toothpaste

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The first zero-waste toothpaste on the market (that actually foams). The unique texture of this toothpaste will make you forget your old tube of toothpaste!

It is the ideal toothpaste to replace "classic" toothpastes, so make the right choice for your teeth and the environment! The natural properties of mint essential oil and menthol crystals ensure freshness.

The main thing about tooth brushing, as the name suggests, is brushing! No need for titanium dioxide or other controversial components to have a beautiful smile. ūüėĀ

Did you know...? The bacteria in your mouth break down sugars into acids. They bind to acids, food particles, and saliva to form what is called dental plaque, which causes tooth decay.

This toothpaste prevents tooth decay by preventing bacteria from settling comfortably in your mouth. Once applied to your mouth, it produces a light foam that allows the product to settle and disperse better.

And what about the fluoride in all this? We chose a basic formula, with no controversial ingredients and therefore no fluoride. Fluoride, which is supposed to inhibit the action of cariogenic bacteria, is today a very controversial dental agent in terms of health because we are increasingly exposed to it (food, water, salt). However, we advise you to contact a specialist if you have specific needs.

A wooden spatula is included.

Size: 150 g