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Natural Deodorant Balm with Cucumber & Aloe Vera for Sensitive Skin

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A mild, bicarbonate-free formula, especially for sensitive skin

This effective organic deodorant with a fresh scent of cucumber and aloe vera is designed to treat the most sensitive skin and is free of essential oils and baking soda.

Have you tried a wide variety of natural deodorants and are still experiencing itchy underarms? Baking soda or essential oils, which are commonly found in these types of deodorants, can cause this. These ingredients can be irritating to people with sensitive skin. That's why we've created a special recipe for sensitive skin!

Instead of baking soda and essential oils, magnesium hydroxide from Dead Sea salt and zinc ricinoleate from castor oil are used to stop the growth of microorganisms that cause bad smells.

Magnesium hydroxide regulates the pH of the skin and neutralises the acidity, and therefore the bacteria that cause bad odours. Zinc ricinoleate is complementary and helps to naturally absorb persistent odours from perspiration. These are both gentle, skin-friendly ingredients that don't block sweat and let the body regulate itself naturally!

You don't need controversial ingredients to produce a product that works. Our product will surprise you with its simplicity (just like it surprised us!), making it a fantastic alternative to traditional deodorants.

A wooden spatula is included.

Size: 60 g