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Natural Deodorant Balm with Bergamot

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A smooth texture, easy to apply and (really) effective!

It is easily applied with a finger or spatula and penetrates quickly into the skin so as not to stain clothes.

Its effectiveness and pleasant scent make it an ideal deodorant for athletes and others who perspire excessively. Our Bergamot deodorant is properly blended and suitable for both men and women. Bergamot has a citrus-like aroma; it's wonderful, fresh, and floral.

A deodorant that does not block perspiration but prevents the development of bacteria responsible for bad odours. Contrary to popular belief, sweat is virtually odourless. So it's not perspiration itself that is responsible for bad odours. In fact, it is the bacteria that, when they absorb it, produce odorous chemical compounds that are responsible for bad body odour.

Aside from that, coconut oil and cornstarch soothe irritated and abused skin (which we all know is common in many underarms... long live waxing!) 

A wooden spatula is included.

Size: 60 g