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Organic Ayurvedic Perfumed Oil Wind

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Wind. Awaken your mind

Initiate a genuine Ayurvedic ritual with your wind oil. Start your treatment or use the oil as a fragrance after you dry off from your bath.

The Ritual

In Ayurveda, self-care rituals and practises are held in the highest regard. The goal of the "Abhyanga" routine is to help you relax, re-center, and bring your mind, body, and senses back into harmony after a long and taxing day. This Ayurvedic self-massage makes use of oils that nourish, uplift, and ground the body and mind.

The effect

Your oil contains vitamins E, A, and K, which are restorative and nourishing, derived from sesame oil, vetiver, and holy basil (tulsi). Turmeric promotes a healthy glow, while patchouli and neroli balance your mood and senses. Your skin will be soothed, calmed, and revitalised. Holy basil and sesame oil aid in repairing skin damage and evening out skin tone.

Vetiver oil is said to promote skin cell regeneration and new cell growth. sweet, woody, and smoky aromas. Wind oil, with patchouli, awakens your spirit and takes you somewhere exotic and exciting.

Learn how to incorporate the healthy Ayurvedic practise of Self-Abhyanga into your daily routine right here!

For every bottle of oil sold, a tree is planted and 1kg of plastic waste is removed from the sea.

Size: 100 mL