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Descubra o seu dosha vata pitta e kapha

The Doshas

Vata, Pitta & Kapha

What are the Doshas?

The Doshas come from the five states of matter: ether (space), earth, water, air and fire. Dosha Vata is associated with ether and air, Dosha Pitta with fire and water, and Dosha Kapha with earth and water.

Among the Ayurvedic treatments to balance the doshas are breathing exercises, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, yoga, meditation, and stretching.

In yoga, asanas that soothe or support the individual's combination of doshas help to balance these energies. For example, standing, push-ups, sitting postures, and inversion yoga poses reduce Pitta Dosha, but headrests, armrests, and engaging asanas strengthen it. Asanas that open the chest help balance Kapha Dosha. Vata Dosha can benefit from all yoga poses, but seated asanas and shoulder rests are especially good for them.


The most powerful of the doshas, it controls basic bodily functions as well as the mind. Vata Dosha people tend to be "airy" in movement and speech. Creative, sociable, and artistic, they are talkative, knowledgeable, and attentive, but prone to changing interests and goals. People who are light sleepers and brisk walkers have fluctuating digestion and are prone to nervousness and anxiety. They enjoy activities that involve speed and mobility but lack long-term stamina or endurance. When balanced, they are: creative and imaginative; able to follow a productive routine; cheerful; mentally alert; calm; patient and content.


Controls metabolism, digestion, and hormones linked to appetite. Pitta Dosha people are "fiery". I am highly passionate, competitive and insightful. They are prone to anger, aggression, jealousy, and impulsiveness, and they like to assert their individuality. They are stubborn, persuasive, perceptive, and prejudiced. They are prone to acne, acidity, and dehydration. When balanced: sharp memory; strong metabolism; ability to carry on without getting "burned out" too easily; flourishing in leadership positions; ability to influence with strong oratory and action.


Controls strength and stability, muscle growth, weight, and the immune system. Kapha Dosha People are the calmest of the 3, "grounded" and relatively "slow". They are calm, placid, relaxed and not easily irritated. They prefer traditional conventions and structure and the security and sense of organisation they offer. They are prone to depression, lethargy, excessive sleep and can suffer from slow digestion and breathing problems. When balanced, they are calm, reflective, compassionate, spiritual, nurturing, generous and protective of others.









Understanding the doshas can help us make healthier lifestyle decisions to become the best versions of ourselves. Integrating Ayurveda into our daily lives can result in peace and well-being in our mind, body, and spirit.