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Herbal Bath Truffles

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Appropriate for use on all skin types, but particularly dry skin

The rich, nourishing cocoa butter in bath truffles is a wonderful treat for dry skin because it softens and moisturises the skin, leaving it feeling as smooth as velvet after use. Essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, and juniper, which are found in herbal bath truffles, provide relief for a stuffy nose and sore throat. Herbal bath truffles are ideal for the fall and winter seasons. When you drop a bath truffle into your steamy tub and watch it dissolve over the course of a few minutes, the magic begins.

The box contains 6 bath truffles.

Size: 258 g
Trufas Herbais para o Banho | Arogya Shop
Herbal Bath Truffles Sale price€19,95