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Cold Pressed Organic Sweet Almond Oil

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Freshly Produced, 100% Organic Sweet Almond Oil from Spain

In Ayurveda, sweet almond oil is frequently used as a massage oil and as a natural skin care oil due to its nourishing properties and its reputation for being easily absorbed by the skin.

It's great for oily and sensitive skin alike thanks to its high concentration of vitamin E and its quick absorption into the skin.

It's mild and simple to mix, making it perfect for making your own scented oil for daily use on your face, hair, hands, and body.

The contents are protected from heat, light, oxidation, and humidity by being packaged in a glass bottle.

Size: 100 mL
Óleo de Amêndoas Doces Orgânico Prensado a Frio | Arogya Shop
Cold Pressed Organic Sweet Almond Oil Sale price€21,45