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Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Oil

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Cold Pressed and Freshly Cultivated for 100% Organic Oil

This oil's abundance of omega-3 fatty acids makes it a good choice for revitalising and restoring vitality to dry, dull skin of any age. It helps to reduce skin redness and irritation. And because it's emollient, it helps skin retain moisture.

Smoothing out wrinkles and keeping them at bay are just two of the many anti-aging benefits of hemp oil. Hemp oil's linoleic and oleic acids are essential fatty acids that the body doesn't make but that are important for skin health and anti-aging.

It is produced in France, on a farm run by a family who has been caring for their land organically and with respect for the past decade.

The cold-pressed oil has multiple applications, including topical use on the body and face, and can be used alone or in tandem with other plant or essential oils.

Learn how to incorporate the healthy Ayurvedic practise of Self-Abhyanga into your daily routine, as well as how to blend your favourite essential oils and vegetable oils for specific skin concerns right here!

Size: 50 mL