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Ayurvedic Body Oil for Kapha Dosha

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Freshly Produced, 100% Natural, Cold-Pressed Oil

The Kapha skin type is greasy, dull, and thick. It also has a propensity to have enlarged pores and is prone to cystic acne. Because of their oily skin, they tend to pick up more dirt and grime from their surroundings.

People who have this skin type should always make sure to thoroughly cleanse their faces on a regular basis and use oils that have been formulated specifically for people with this skin type.

This nourishing body oil leaves the skin feeling soft, supple, and smooth after being applied. Either apply it to your skin after a bath or use it during a massage.

combining oils of grapeseed, basil, bergamot, ginger, rosemary, and camphor. The Kapha Dosha can be brought back into harmony with the help of this oil's special formulation.

Learn how to incorporate the healthy Ayurvedic practise of Self-Abhyanga into your daily routine right here!

Size: 200 mL
Óleo Corporal Ayurvédico para Dosha Kapha | Arogya Shop
Ayurvedic Body Oil for Kapha Dosha Sale price€38,95