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Natural Handmade Rose Incense Sticks

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Handmade in India, according to Ancient Recipes

Beauty, passion, and romance symbolise Indian rose incense. It has long been linked to love as a rich scent with fresh, delicate base notes and woody top notes. Rose is the most well-known scent in the world because it is used so often in aromatherapy, yoga, and meditation to help with stress.

Rose fosters love, compassion, and devotion while providing safety and spiritual atonement. It promotes sleep, calms conflict, and conveys a sense of peace, happiness, and confidence.

It is believed that certain aromas, such as those from rose incense sticks, can help people learn better while they sleep, which could lead to better ways to improve memory retention.

It is made from only natural ingredients such as honey, rare wood powders, essential oils, spices, and unique resins. The masala (blend) has a unique, high-quality smell that comes from the carefully chosen, petrochemical-free ingredients.

The process of creating the blend is based on the same secret recipe as it was 400 years ago, following the recommendations of ancient Vedic teachings, the phases of the moon, and valuable traditional secrets. The whole thing is done slowly and carefully, which is why the burning incense sticks bring peace and quiet.

Contains 15 Incense sticks.

Size: 30 g
Natural Handmade Rose Incense Sticks
Natural Handmade Rose Incense Sticks Sale price€5,45

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Rita Rodrigues

Adorei, recomendo claramente

Muito obrigado pelo seu feedback Rita! Ficamos muito felizes que esteja a gostar. Tenha um lindo dia!