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Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil

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Freshly Produced, 100% Organic Sesame Oil from Uganda

Since ancient times, people in India have relied on the medicinal benefits of sesame seed oil. The ancient Indian medical practise of Ayurveda uses this oil frequently in its treatments.

The amount of antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, and the minerals calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus found in sesame seed oil is extremely high.

Because of its naturally occurring antimicrobial properties, it is frequently employed in the treatment of common skin conditions such as athlete's foot and fungus. It is naturally antiviral and it also reduces inflammation in the body.

The contents are protected from heat, light, oxidation, and humidity by being packaged in a glass bottle.

Size: 100 mL
Óleo de Sésamo Orgânico Prensado a Frio | Arogya Shop
Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil Sale price€14,45

Customer Reviews

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Ana A.
suave e hidratante

Um óleo muito fino, subtil e que consegue hidratar muito bem a pele, sem deixar vestígios de gordura excessiva. Ao ser usado como oilpulling, consegue limpar a boca sem deixar gosto. Adoro!

Muito obrigado pelo seu feedback Ana! Ficamos muito felizes que esteja a gostar. Tenha um lindo dia!