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Bringer of Peace Herbal Body Lotion

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A Skin Calming Body Moisturizer to Help You Find Balance

This ultra-soft, fragrant body lotion is formulated to hydrate as well as calm skin that is easily irritated.

The invigorating effects of fresh botanical extracts of Indian Babul and calming Lemon Balm on the skin are brought out by the combination of these two ingredients.

It is combined with passionfruit seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, and calendula oil, all of which are extracted via cold pressing. This gives it excellent moisturising properties. In a fragrance that is 100% organic, there are hints of bergamot, basil, lime, thyme, and mandarin.

Size: 230 mL
Bringer of Peace Loção Corporal Herbal
Bringer of Peace Herbal Body Lotion Sale price€21,45